Axel Holmberg appointed new CEO of Ingrid Capacity

26 February, 2024

Axel Holmberg appointed new CEO of Ingrid Capacity

Axel Holmberg has been appointed as the new CEO of Ingrid Capacity. With his extensive experience and profound understanding of the energy sector, he emerges as a crucial actor in Ingrid Capacity’s European expansion in energy storage.


Axel Holmberg has a total of 15 years of experience in the energy sector and comes most recently from Scatec – a Norwegian company that develops, owns and operates renewable energy projects globally. There, he has most recently built up and managed the company's branch in South America. Before that, he worked at Statkraft – Europe's largest producer of renewable energy – and SN Power – an investment company in renewable energy in developing countries.

“Ingrid Capacity has had an impressive development since its founding just under two years ago, and has built a fantastic organization and a strong platform for the future. Now the company faces another expansion phase. I look forward to applying my previous experience of company building in the energy sector. Ingrid Capacity creates the flexible electricity grids and digital tools needed for the electrification and the transition to fossil-free energy. It is very motivating to continue to participate in the green transition,” says Axel Holmberg, CEO of Ingrid Capacity.

“Ingrid Capacity's expansion in Europe is about to start. Europe's energy system is now being rapidly and fundamentally transformed, with electrification, digitization and transition to fossil-free electricity. It will require large investments in grid infrastructure, with energy storage as a crucial solution to create a flexible and stable system. Ingrid Capacity will play a key role in this development towards a sustainable and efficient future energy system. Axel's many years of experience and expertise in the energy sector will be decisive in this expansion,” says Niklas Möller, Chairman of the Board of Ingrid Capacity.