Ibrahim Baylan to the Ingrid Capacity Board

02 December, 2022

Ibrahim Baylan to the Ingrid Capacity Board

From 1 December, Ibrahim Baylan is a member of the Ingrid Capacity Board. The year 2022 has been characterized by getting several key recruitments in place and starting a number of major establishments of energy storage facilities with batteries around the country, including Sweden’s largest facility of 70 MW in Karlshamn. Baylan’s focus as a board member will be to lead the company, together with the rest of the management team, on the path to becoming a developer and owner of critical Nordic infrastructure. Ingrid Capacity builds large-scale energy storage and currently has 500 MW under development in various stages around Sweden.


Ibrahim Baylan has held several ministerial positions over the years, such as Minister of Energy 2014-2019 and Minister of Economic Affairs 2019-2021.

“We are very pleased to welcome Ibrahim Baylan to Ingrid Capacity’s Board. His understanding of the energy issue and the energy transition our society is facing will contribute to the company’s continued growth journey. The use of fossil-free energy will double by 2045, mainly driven by the industry and the transport sector as well as increased household electricity consumption. This means that politics and business must use each other’s strengths to quickly and predictably establish a modern and sustainable energy infrastructure. Ingrid Capacity will be an active part of that effort. With Baylan’s background and knowledge, we are in an even stronger position to develop our business and societal benefits”, says Niklas Möller, Chairman of Ingrid Capacity.

“Energy storage is central to building the modern energy infrastructure required by an increasing need for fossil-free energy. Electrification is also a key measure to achieve the climate goals. With its 500 planned megawatts, Ingrid Capacity is positioned to be a strong force in the climate transition as energy storage on this scale enables the transition to more fossil-free energy. The power need is here and now. The green transition opens entirely new opportunities for new jobs and sustainable economic growth. Properly managed, energy storage can strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and attractiveness as an industrial nation. That is why it feels important and exciting to join the Ingrid Capacity team”, says Ibrahim Baylan, Board member and advisor on energy issues.