Ingrid Capacity held seminar on energy security

09 December, 2022

Ingrid Capacity held seminar on energy security

A more uncertain world and society’s increasing demands for fossil-free electricity place new demands on a modern, robust, and flexible energy infrastructure. On 5 December, Ingrid Capacity and MW Group invited representatives from the industry to discuss and learn what is needed to create the necessary change here and now. The focus was on the competitiveness of Swedish industry and the needs of households, but also on security aspects linked to a more independent and predictable energy system. It was noted that decision-makers in the public and private sectors are faced with new issues, where the degree of complexity is evident, and the development of robust solutions is urgent.


The seminar highlighted the perspectives of politics, academia, industry and the public sector on energy security, future energy system and how to ensure the right conditions for the industry’s access to electricity and preferably fossil-free electricity.

It was clear from the discussions that energy storage has a big role to play in creating a robust and more independent energy system, but also in ensuring competitiveness and contributing to the green transition.
The seminar was held at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, and moderated by Freddy Jönsson Hanberg at MW Group and Madeleine Westin, Chief Metrologist at TV4.

Participants were Robert Andrén, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency; Anna Kinberg Batra; Jens Mattsson, Director General of Total Defence Research Institute (FOI); Desirée Comstedt, Vattenfall; Ibrahim Baylan; Khashayar Farmanbar; Tomas Hirsch; Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Professor of Electric Power Networks at the Royal Institute of Technology; Louise Ödlund (former Trygg), Professor of Energy Systems at Linköping University; Mattias Frumerie, Head of Delegation for Sweden in UNFCCC; Mikael Karlsson, CEO MW Group; Freddy Jönsson Hanberg; Charlotte Bergqvist, Cloudberry Clean Energy; and Nicklas Bäcker, CSO Ingrid Capacity.