Ingrid Capacity on Business Insiders 2023 list

20 January, 2023

Ingrid Capacity on Business Insiders 2023 list

Ingrid Capacity is placed by the international finance and tech magazine “Business Insider” list of important startups to follow in 2023. A total of 32 companies qualify. Common to the companies is that they all in different ways have a business idea that concretely works to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, improve our energy systems and constructively based on smart technology actively contribute to the energy transition.


Among other things, it is possible to read:
“A range of startups are working on improving energy efficiency, sustainable fuels, the next generation and solar and wind, and electricity infrastructure. Such technologies include software to help communities buy renewable energy from their neighbors, new solar panel designs that also harvest the suns heat, and micro-grids to decentralize the grid”.

“It is of course fantastic fun to be placed on the list, not least based on the fine company of other companies that really act as “doers” when it comes to the energy transition and the phasing out of fossil energy sources. This is proof that we are doing something right and that large-scale energy storage has a crucial role to play in modernizing our energy infrastructure.”, says Nicklas Bäcker, Chief Strategy Officer, Ingrid Capacity.

Other companies that are also on the list are e.g. Tibber, Alight and Sunroof.
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